012- Dave Wright Number 2 (As In Poo)

I sit down again with Dave Wright of Adirondack Outdoor Adventures. We talk about fishing, duck hunting, conservation, Upstate New York, fatherhood, and life in general.

We talk about new stores opening in Upstate New York, Haunted island houses from the 1800’s, and a whole bunch of other ducking stuff.

Adirondack Outdoor Adventures is an Upstate New York charter company that specializes in fishing and hunting charters in the Adirondack and Upstate New York regions along Lake Ontario. If you would like to schedule a charter listen to the podcast for their contact information.

Upstate New York features some of the best ice fishing around. The long cold winters provide excellent ice fishing conditions. If you can stand the cold.

The summers in Upstate New York are short, but very beautiful. The various mountains, lakes, rivers, and streams offer a variety of outdoor activities and hobbies.

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