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062- Daniel Hernandez Raises Chickens

By DuckitDialogue | Nov 11, 2023

I sit down with former 1-23INF Infantryman Daniel Hernandez. Daniel did 2 deployments to Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum, NY. We talk about life after the military, raising chickens, and the struggles veterans face. If you are a veteran experiencing suicidal thoughts please call someone. Or call the Veteran Suicide and […]

061- Jesse Crosson Gets a Second Chance

By DuckitDialogue | Aug 23, 2023

Jesse Crosson: After 19 years in prison,  I got a second chance… In 2002, I found cocaine. Combined with alcohol and insecurity I quickly went from a kid graduating high school to strung out and barely hanging on. Just after my 18th birthday I committed a robbery and separate shooting. I was rightly arrested and […]

060- Adam Ramsey From Basic Training Straight to Afghanistan

By DuckitDialogue | Jun 7, 2023

Adam Ramsey was an infantryman with the 1-32INF Battalion out of Fort Drum, NY. We talk about life before the military, deployment, and life after the military. — Support this podcast:

043- Joseph Kajy Gets Real Real For Real (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Jun 4, 2023

I sit down with Joseph Kajy from the “Let’s Get Real” Podcast. Check it out here: Let’s Get Real Podcast Description Below: I have been blessed to even be alive and able to have this podcast to share with you. I was a hopeless drug addict for 10+ years. I have learned that the […]

041/ 042- Dave & Uher Teach Steven Definitions (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Jun 4, 2023

Steven learns the difference between condemn and condone. Listen on Spotify:

040- Michael Gomez & Chris Conte Reminisce About Their Afghanistan Paradise Vacation (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Jun 3, 2023

Dave and I site down with Michael Gomez and Chris Conte. Both combat veterans of the 1-32INF. We discuss their life before the military, during, and after. Links to the various charities we talk about. Preserving the Past and Changing the Future: Reel Thanx: Gallant Few: You can also listen to Michael […]

039- Erin Trieb Combat Photographer & Journalist: A Different Side to War; An Inside Look At The Aftermath for Both Sides. (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Jun 2, 2023

Erin Trieb, photojournalist/ war photographer, capture’s the essence of war. But not just war. The people behind it & how they are affected by the aftermath. She puts herself on the front lines in an attempt to understand the people aspect first hand. She’s been in and covered several different war zones. Most notably to […]

037- Mike Brewer Takes a Break From Speed Flying (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Jun 2, 2023

I sit down with Mike Brewer and talk about his Speed Flying accident & recovery process. Take a look at his Gofundme below if you are interested in making a contribution. Check him out on Instagram: Donate Here: Gofundme Info: “Lane P. here. The time has come! We must rally the troops, come together, […]





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