061- Jesse Crosson Gets a Second Chance

Jesse Crosson:

After 19 years in prison, 

I got a second chance…

In 2002, I found cocaine. Combined with alcohol and insecurity I quickly went from a kid graduating high school to strung out and barely hanging on.

Just after my 18th birthday I committed a robbery and separate shooting. I was rightly arrested and remember feeling a huge sense of relief that someone had stopped me because I hadn’t been able to stop myself.

The upper range of the sentencing guideline was 16 years. The judge sentenced me to double that, 32 years. 

I was crushed. But I got back up. With the benefit of great love and support, I put my life together in prison. I mentored other men, earned a Bachelor’s degree, became a journeyman electrician, wrote articles for publication and found a way forward.

Website: https://jessecrosson.com/

Second Chancer Foundation:

Each year in America more than 600,000 people are released from state and federal prison. Millions serve shorter periods in local jails. After release, they return to incarceration at one of the highest rates in the world. Periods of incarceration do little to address the issues and unmet needs that often lead people to prison in the first place and often add further trauma. We seek to humanize the experience of reentry and drive both awareness and resources toward the process. This benefits the individuals as well as society at large. The world is much better served when people are out working, acting as parents and siblings, paying taxes and contributing to their communities.

Website: https://second-chancer.org/

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