043- Joseph Kajy Gets Real Real For Real (Video)

I sit down with Joseph Kajy from the “Let’s Get Real” Podcast. Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/show/6blODtxwWENpTXmOPMdYjp?si=Oh2_zX81SAScBRcoJGO00Q Let’s Get Real Podcast Description Below: I have been blessed to even be alive and able to have this podcast to share with you. I was a hopeless drug addict for 10+ years. I have learned that the individuals who have overcame tough life obstacles, have learned many valuable lessons that we share with you. We get real with the things we have been through, and the real life lessons we learned through it! The interviews you will hear will be authentic, from the heart, and have real applications you can apply to grow into the most authentic version of yourself! Buckle up, because it gets REAL! Thanks for letting us share.

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