014- Skydivers Jesse Weyher & Mike Brewer Make Sweet Sky Love To Me

I sit down with super mega extreme Doritos skydivers/ BASE jumpers/ whatever the duck that parachute ski thing is/ wingsuiters Jesse Weyher (pronounced Wohwfjfnjnvkjer-stein) and Mike Brewer. We discuss their journey in to the sport of skydiving and their progression in to competitions, BASE jumping, and more.

“Jesse Weyher strapped in for his first tandem skydive as a freshman in college, and a year later he was pursuing his skydiving license. Now, he’s a coach and instructor in skydiving, tandem, free fly, wind tunnel and designs jumps for other skydivers. He also won multiple gold medals last fall at the U.S. Parachute Association National Parachuting Championships in Florida.”


Follow Jesse Weyher on Instagram: @jesseweyher
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user13104843

“Mike Brewer is a skydiving filmmaker, instructor and organizer who has a huge international presence as a part of Kinetic, an organization comprised of creative athletes dedicated to exploring the world together. He’s also a competitor who had medaled at the USPA Nationals in mixed formation skydiving, as well as in dynamic 2-way and 4-way at indoor skydiving championships. Brewer is multi-talented and flies in several disciplines: angle, vertical, belly, back, freestyle, high-performance canopy piloting, speed—you name it—and captures it all on film.”


Follow Mike Brewer on Instagram: @mike___brewer
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/mikedropunlimited

Also check out @kinetic_limitless on Instagram. Kinetic Limitless is a community of creative athletes committed to accomplishing


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDWA6kfj6xNPUZLytIWmrtA

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