026- Ian Wagner: Army Combat Medic, Guitar Legend, & Doesn’t Puke in His Underwear (Video)

I sit down with Ian Wagner, a former Army Combat Medic & Super Talented Musician. Served multiple deployments. He’s worked with some amazing charities helping other veterans. Charities like Operation Song where he helps Veterans express theirselves through the art of songwriting. Ian has helped several veterans words become art by singing the songs they write. ‘The Last Monday in May’ is a Memorial Day song Ian is featured on (https://youtu.be/OqKPAmRBwlM). He’s performed at the Grand Ole Opry multiple times. He’s one of the rare breeds whose Social Media presence is non-existent as he enjoys the real life moments without the screen. He’s sometimes on Instagram @ianwagnermusic. 

Listen on Spotify:

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