039- Erin Trieb Combat Photographer & Journalist: A Different Side to War; An Inside Look At The Aftermath for Both Sides. (Video)

Erin Trieb, photojournalist/ war photographer, capture’s the essence of war. But not just war. The people behind it & how they are affected by the aftermath. She puts herself on the front lines in an attempt to understand the people aspect first hand. She’s been in and covered several different war zones. Most notably to me, because I was there, she was embedded as a Combat photographer with the 1-32 INF during Operation Enduring Freedom in 2009. There she discovered her story. Documenting the aftermath war has on people’s lives. She founded The Homecoming Project in 2011. The Homecoming Project collective includes work by 30 other photojournalists along with art, writing and works created by military and veteran contributors. It is exhibited at events geared toward illuminating key issues affecting today’s veterans. She was recently in the Ukraine documenting the Russian Invasion. She was featured on a CBS news segment live from the Ukraine and recently had an article featured in Glamour magazine (Link Below). Glamour Article: https://www.glamour.com/story/women-of-ukraine-war-tell-their-stories/amp The Homecoming Project: https://vimeo.com/98766689 The War at Home: https://vimeo.com/24316034 Erin Trieb’s Website: www.erintrieb.com You can also find her on Instagram @erintrieb https://www.instagram.com/erintrieb/

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