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Duck it Dialogue is a podcast about nothing for no reason, and no one should ever listen to it.

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024- Y’all Mother Duckers Need Jesus (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Feb 8, 2023

Dave Wright joins the shit show once again with a few special guests. Travis Strote tells us about his run in with a catfish. And overall we add nothing useful to your life by listening to this. Go duck yourself. Have a great day. I love you. Listen on Spotify:

023- Kyle Isner Loves Trash & We Talk About Vegetables (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Feb 7, 2023

I talk to long time pirate Kyle Isner about pillaging and such. We also talk about a healthy diet. Listen on Spotify:

053- Fe Seamon Give Back to the Philippines (Rico’s Rainbow)

By DuckitDialogue | Feb 7, 2023

Fe Seamon was born in the Philippines, came to America and does everything she can to give back to the community she came from. If you would like to donate visit to learn more.  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

022- Eugene Torres Does Karaoke With Carlos Mencia & Bench Presses a Bunch & Might Start an OnlyFans (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Feb 2, 2023

I talk with super funny comedian Eugene Torres about his journey in to stand up comedy and how he got to where he is today. Eugene has a lot of upcoming shows. He will be opening for Carlos Mencia in Saint Louis This coming week. Check him out on all socials @EugeneComedy Listen on Spotify: […]

021- Dave Wright Goes Fishing…For Shanks This Time (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Feb 1, 2023

I sit down with Dave Wright…again. We talk about what’s new in his life and what’s going on in Upstate New York these days. And he talks about finding stuff in butt’s. That’s fun too. Listen on Spotify:

020- Dr. Cardenas At Your Cervix (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Feb 1, 2023

I sit down with Miami’s best Doctor, Dr. Ernesto Cardenas. We talk about his upbringing, why he went in to medicine, how he ended up joining the military, his deployment as a Battalion Surgeon with the 1-32INF based out of Fort Drum, NY, and the struggles of opening your own practice after the army. You […]

052- Brandon Bostwick Catches on Fire

By DuckitDialogue | Jan 31, 2023

Dave & I talk to Brandon Bostwick. A former US Army Infantryman who deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 during Operation Enduring Freedom. We talk about his life prior to the military, during the military, and after. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast: […]

019- Steve Trager Is The Miami Batman (Video)

By DuckitDialogue | Jan 29, 2023

I talk to Steve Trager. An entrepreneur & owner of a high end security company in Miami. We talk about his beginnings, how he got in to the business, and what it took for him to become successful. He works closely with Commissioner Gordon, who recently transferred from Gotham Police Department, on keeping Miami safe.





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